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  • 2017/04/07
    Government's all-out attack on hardship is yielding remarkable results throughout China Few people used the narrow road in the mountain town of Moudao before 2011. People in the area could barely harvest enough food to eat from the limited farmland, which supported only potatoes and corn. This force...
  • 2017/01/06
    More lines were added to the nation's railway infrastructure last year as work moved forward to meet the government's construction targets. Luo Wangshu reports.The opening of two high-speed rail lines on Dec 28 and the start of work on a new line the following day signaled that China's high-speed ra...
  • 2014/05/23
    Wu Changjiang at a new NVC Lighting shop in Britain. Provided to China DailyQuality should be the cutting edge for Chinese companies in overseas markets, says top lighting industry official Negative preconceptions about the quality of Chinese products are mistaken and it is high time that China's m...
  • 2003/12/02
    Chinese ethnic prefecture benefits from nation's Western Development program( 2003-12-02 10:57) (Xinhua) Though a headman named Xiang Nawu of Tujia ethnic group in the mountainous western parts of central China's Hubei province died 500 years ago after failing to materialize his ambition to feed and...
  • 2002/01/07
    Three Gorges: State to invest US$5.3b to protect environment( 2002-01-07 10:28) (1) China is to spend 43.9 billion yuan (US$5.3 billion) to protect the environment and cultural relics and prevent geological disasters in the areas around the Three Gorges project.Many concerns have been voiced regardi...
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